--Program Delivered Online--

This is perfect for someone new to exercise or just wants to see what this whole online training is all about while easing into a healthy lifestyle. Try the 30 day challenge and learn about adding activity into your day while also learning to deal with stress and develop good eating habits. Only 1-2 exercises per day...You Got This!

Rated Beginner

30 Day Challenge


--Program Delivered Online--

 30 day program professionally designed for those looking to lose weight and tone up. Included is a program guide, nutrition guide, 8 distinct resistance workouts, regular check-ins with your personal trainer and much more! Take the first step to a new you

Rated Beginner to Moderate

Basic Training


--Program Delivered Online--

For the moderate to advanced weekend warrior.     Develop your strength and conditioning in this 4-week make-you-sweat program

  • Program guide explaining everything you need to succeed

  • Nutrition guide to give you a sound nutritional head start

  • Free iOS and Android app to view and track your workouts

  • Exclusive access to our in-app support group

  • Goal setting template

  • 24/7 support by email (it's actually 16/7 support...I sleep 8 hours a night :)

  • Video and email support

         Rated Moderate to Advanced

Ultimate Conditioning


        --Program Delivered Online--

Add strength, build endurance, and improve your cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only program. This program lasts for 8 weeks and includes:

  • 3 workouts (Bodyweight Strength Workout; Strength Endurance Circuit; Interval Workout) split over the week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday respectively.

  • Assessments at the start, week 5, and upon completion of week 8

                      Rated Moderate

Bodyweight Strength

Youth SAQ training.JPG

 Personal Training--Online

  • Personalized Monthly Program Design

  • Initial Consultation and Fitness Assessment

  • Our free app to see and track your workouts

  • Inclusion in our fitness support group. Chat with others with the same goals!

  • Weekly Handouts/Challenges

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Full Email and in-app chat SUPPORT
  • Weekly video chat check-in
  • And More!

Online Training

##foam roll.jpg

--Program Delivered Online-- 

The low back arch, also called an anterior pelvic tilt, can cause low back pain, knee pain and even pain in the shoulders. The most common causes would be having a job where you sit all day as well as playing a sport or activity where you are always in a hip-flexed position. Correct low back arch and start feeling and moving better. Program comes with a program guide-corrective exercises-access to our online support group to keep you motivated-all the check-ins and support you need from me in order to reach success. You will need light dumbbells or exercise bands as well as a foam roller to effectively complete this program

Injury Prevention

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