INTRODUCING: Optimum Performance Training


DarcyFit training is World-Class and based on the NASM multi-step training model that works for any body--any goal! Starting in phase 1, you'll increase your muscular endurance while improving your balance and flexibility.  The goal of this phase is to burn calories and focusing on

*Increasing Stability

*Muscular Endurance

*Improving Flexibility

*Improving the way your muscles work together


Phase 2 is a hybrid form of training that promotes increased stabilization endurance, hypertrophy, and strength. High amounts of volume can be generated in this phase of training so be prepared to sweat and bring your game face. This is the zone where fat says "I've had enough"


Phases 3-5 are optional rounds based on your goals but for those that choose to go there, you'll experience increased muscular growth, increased maximum strength and increased power output. These rounds can be great fat burners but make no mistake, these are the phases where athletes live. Do you play recreational sports or just want to improve your golf or tennis game? Then phases 3-5 have your name on it!

Darcyfit-I'm here to help you LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE


Getting fit isn't just about picking up weights, it's about integrated, functional, whole body fitness. Your training will include flexibility, balance training, cardiovascular training, improving core strength, reactive plyometric exercises, resistance work as well as some fun speed, agility and quickness training. You'll feel better, look better but more importantly you'll move better as your muscles are trained to work together the way they were meant to. 





While you will be sweating off the pounds and improving your personal performance, nutrition will be a big part of your success. I will be coaching to help you understand how to fuel your body for your particular goals. Together, we'll analyze your diet and spot problem areas. You are what you eat and at DarcyFit, you are a champion so you want to eat like one!


         Weight Loss-Cardio-Flexibility-Balance-CORE Strength-Performance


Are You Ready?





You can't out-train a bad diet. Eating right is going to be 80% of your success so learning how to fine tune your nutrition is very important. To learn more about proper nutrition, request a copy of my Nutrition Guide for FREE. Lots of info on carbs, fats, proteins, portion sizes, dining out tips, recipes, nutrition myths and more.  



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