DarcyFit is personal training not just for weight loss but for health

DarcyFit is for you if:

  • You are new to exercise and want to lose weight  and tone up

  • You've hit a plateau and need a fresh routine.

  • You are a weekend warrior and want to dominate on the ice, court or field by improving your strength, speed and conditioning.

  • You need a realistic program designed for you and not those crazy workouts you see on Biggest Loser or on Youtube.

  • You want to be able to fight those aches and pains that come with poor posture and by sitting at a desk all day. Corrective Exercise is for you. 

DarcyFit training is designed for weight loss, building lean muscle, increasing flexibility and improving your ability to live a healthier life all in your own fun, personal training program--with a sports theme.

You will train in stabilization, strength and power in a fat-burning, muscle-building program that will get you in peak condition and ready for your own personal game day. Are you ready?



You receive the same expertise, accountability and results as with in-person training but at a fraction of the cost. I'll be right there with you monitoring your progress and motivating you with weekly video chats and 24/7 email and text support. Exercise from the comfort of your own home or favorite gym. 

All programs are delivered to you via the app accessible from your Apple or Andriod device.


You open your app-- check your calendar--do whats on your calendar--lose weight 

Receive encouragement and support from  other DarcyFit members with exclusive access to our weight loss group with people just like you.

Not sure how this whole online training works

Why not try a 14-day free trial


*Use coupon code TRIAL at checkout to get the free trial*  





What You Get With Personal Training


$30.00 per session:

  • FREE Initial Consultation and Fitness Assessment

  • Personalized Monthly Program Design

  • Goal Setting

  • Weekly Journal

  • Weekly Handouts

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Access to the Darcyfit App to track your progress

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training 

  • Full Email SUPPORT 24/7 


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